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Rick’s has your back for lunch, dinner, and a safe night out

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Scratch-Made Food Eclectic Atmosphere Craft Cocktails

Too many fine restaurants serve egos, not people.

But at Rick’s on the Square, that’s not how we do things.

Your Vibe Is Our Vibe

Day or night. Weekday or weekend. We’ll be whoever you need us to be.


Whether it’s a quiet lunch or a family dinner, you’ll get the perfect table, food and experience for you – always scratch-made with fresh ingredients from our longtime, trusted connections.


Happy hour or after hours, sip a craft cocktail from our highly trained bar. Whatever you crave, you can get it here. Looking for a nightcap? Head over to the Black Pearl for a cocktail.


Experience live, 21+ premier music on the weekends in a safe outdoor venue connected to the bar and dining spaces.

Don't Feel Like A Stranger

We’ve been relevant since 1992 because these promises have never changed:

  • No judgment.
  • Safe place to have fun.
  • We'll make it happen: wherever you want to sit, whatever you want to eat and drink.
  • Always the best food: everything scratch-made and fresh ingredients sourced from longtime connections.
  • You'll always leave satisfied.
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At Rick’s, we understand that any time you walk through a new door, you want to feel like you belong. Unfortunately, fine-dining venues often feel intimidating, uncomfortable, and lonely. And that’s not right. Mealtimes should be about making people feel welcome. Even when eating out, you should always be able to feel right at home.

That's why the heart and soul of Rick's is being whoever you need us to be, day or night, outside or inside, weekday or weekend, family time or play time. No judgment allowed – only excellent lunch and dinner made from scratch, by people who care about you (not your status), and an eclectic atmosphere ready for any mood. It’s how we’ve been doing things in downtown Tyler since 1992.

So, come have a meal with us. We'll look after you while you're here with the perfect table, food and experience – tailored just for you.

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